Namoya Mine, DRC, Geotechnical Investigation

Geopractica was commisioned in November 2011 to undertake a geotechnical investigation for the new Namoya Gold Mine structures in the eastern DRC, by MDM Engineering on behalf of the client Banro Mining.  The mine is located 250 km south of Bakavu and the only practical route to site is by air.  Justin and Hugh have spent a couple of interesting weeks on site and with limited resources, (in view of the remoteness of the site) managed to undertake a comprehensive geotechnical investigation with limited tools and report on founding conditions for the structures and recommendations for the extensive earthworks required.

Air transport to Namoya

 Transport to site by Skyvan                                                                   

Borehole Core

 A deeply weathered profile at 14m, it didn’t look much better at 20m. 

Helicopter rig move

Moving the drill rig at Namoya made easy.     

SPT rods

Justin chairs the meeting on how to straighten the SPT rods

Test Pit

Test / Snake Pit courtesy of the local artisinal miners.


Thumbs up from another happy client team !