Geopractica Specialised Geotechnical Services

Geopractica, Specialised Geotechnical Services

A South African based specialist geotechnical company formed in 1977



Founded in 1977



Gauteng and KZN

Geopractica, Specialised Geotechnical Services

Geopractica Specialised Geotechnical Services is a South African based specialist geotechnical company formed in 1977 and is privately owned.

The company operates from its own offices and laboratories in Florida, Gauteng province.

The company operates on an international basis with extensive experience on remote sites in the desert, savannah, and tropical environments, particularly in southern and central Africa.


  • Geotechnical desktop studies

  • Geotechnical investigations

  • Geotechnical field mapping

  • Slope stability assessments

  • Logging of soil samples

  • Geophysical investigations

  • Geotechnical drilling

  • CPTu probing

  • DPSH tests

  • Plate load tests

  • Inclinometer installations & monitoring

  • Solar post ramming

  • Solar post pull out testing

  • SANSA accredited soils laboratory

Geopractica Specialised Geotechnical Services

The Geopractica Group operates countrywide in South Africa.

Originally the company was formed with the aim of offering a rapid, high quality and commercially oriented soils testing facility, primarily for the construction industry.

With the introduction of additional professional qualified personnel and with a range of rotary core drills and CPT rigs, the firm was able to significantly widen its scope of services which now include foundation investigation, geotechnical analysis, road pavement design, quality assurance and control, rotary core drilling, CPT profiling, inclinometer installation and monitoring.

Over the years the firm has grown steadily with the introduction of professional and technical staff, together with additional plant and equipment.

The Geopractica Group employs a staff complement of approximately 100 people. The group employs professionally qualified and skilled people who all play an important role in the successful running of the company.

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